Today, if you asked me how much I've grown, I would say a lot. How so? Well, I like to think of my life in terms of a story. Every chapter has its own set of adventures and magical moments. Each chapter has its hardships and downfalls. Each chapter contains a version of me that is its main character. This is the story of a unique character known as me.
Chapter One: I had a difficult life. In the times when it was just me and my older sister trying to survive a multitude of family problems, such as verbal abuse and alcoholism from my parents, I found myself looking for outlets to forget about the situations at hand. As I turn the page, you will see my elementary school had just begun its fine arts program. I picked up the trumpet in band class. I lifted a pencil and started drawing in art class. I found enjoyment in dancing and making jokes with my friends. The possibilities were endless to me. It was the start of something that would change my life forever.
Chapter Two: I went through middle school and high school. My family ended up bonding more than ever. We talked more and I was able to open myself up and show them the real version of me. I found myself loving playing in the school marching band, acting in school musicals, and even presenting my art to the faculty. I loved being a person that could tap into the creative side of my brain. It gave me so much satisfaction to express myself with others and gain enjoyment from it. While it may have seemed like all sunshine and rainbows, you would have turned the page to see that this was also one of the darkest points in my life. I struggled with being an outsider. I had no friends to call my own. I was shy, scared, and overthought day after day. While I still had my talents and hobbies, it was still super difficult. This specific part of the chapter brought about one of the most difficult transitions in my life: Adulthood
Chapter Three: I began an ongoing journey. I yearned for a change in pace. I started studying Chemistry, but I switched. Why? I didn’t have that happiness I did a few pages ago. I didn’t want to do it because my heart was not set on being a doctor. I became a graphic designer because it was new. I wanted to learn a skill and get a degree in something I could always continue to learn and evolve in. I needed to find a new outlet for my creative mind, and I needed to help those around me. Sitting still is not my thing. I like to challenge myself to go beyond the horizon. I have always been a humble person and a people pleaser. I love helping others and aiding them and having what I did to help them change their lives. I want to be a part of other people’s stories. I want something that I do for others to make a page in someone else’s book. I know that Graphic Design is so much more than just art. It’s problem-solving, it’s creative, it’s always changing, and it’s never boring. Creating amazing things is the dream goal in my life. I hope to one day open an art studio where I can teach people of all ages how to create amazing things. Art, Music, Photography, Videography, Dance, Theatre, and everything in between. I wouldn't be who I am today without creativity in my life. I want to give back to my community. I want people to get a chance to have their stories in their books told, just like mine.
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